About Us

Why the name 'Tipsy Koala' ?
At a wildlife reserve and of course petting a Koala when the handler mentioned - "Koalas are Tipsy most of the day as they feed on Eucalyptus leaves which makes them high". And then it struck to us - "So it's a Tipsy Koala!" 

Why Apparels?
We have degrees in Fashion design and we feel the current fashion scene doesn't do justice to Men. It's either to "common" or too expensive. We try to bring unique casual wear at affordable prices for men.

Where are we located?
Melbourne, Australia - usually at a pub near Eastern suburbs. Message us and we'll shout you a beer!

What's your Company's Vision?
Staying Tipsy and channeling the label's uplifting and relaxed vibe to t with your favorite pair of shorts and low-top kicks.