Tipsy koala

Aussie Non Sequitur Fashion!

Tipsy Koala

Aussie Non Sequitur Fashion!

Tipsy Koala

Aussie Non Sequitur Fashion!

Designed in the pubs of Melbourne, Tipsy Koala follows the great Aussie fashion tradition of keeping it real and being non sequitur!

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Good quality cotton polo shirt - perfect for the Australian weather conditions. I have already purchased the other 2 Tipsy Koala striped polo shirts. THANK YOU for such a great product.

Lyn T.
East Gresford, NSW

Delivery arrived within one week of original order - FANTASTIC. Good quality cotton polo shirt & correct fit. I chose XL instead of the normal L sizing. THANK YOU very, very much.

Peter Ockleshaw
Malvern, VIC

My son's and husband are very happy wearing there Tipsy koala tops. Very cool and comfortable, exactly as described.

Maria Kougiannis
Melbourne, VIC

Yes it is but it fits great & is the right weight fabric & it looks great. Plus a tipy Koala is a fact. Yea some gum leaves can ferment and its OMG so funny like drunken parrots trying to stand up after eaten really ripe fruit.

I lived across from a National Park in QLD for a while. Koalas Echidnas you name it it was in my garden.

Handy Andy
Brisbane, QLD

I was dubious give the price, but its Amazon, so I can always return it. But it's a keeper!

It's medium thickness, not the thin cotton ones you get at the shops for under $20. It's actually 100% cotton. I've worn & washed it quite few times and it's held it's shape. The colour is bright red and hasn't looked like fading.

Mr Chris
Perth, WA